Women - You Can Have Sex While You're Pregnant

Sexual intercourse is a very beautiful thing among partners that are truly in love with each others. However, longer term relationships seem to include less sex when there are other factors involved. Sometimes it is just laziness, but other times the couple makes excuses for why they should not have sex. One of the top excuses for families who are trying to start a family is that it is not possible to have sex when you are pregnant. This is a completely unfounded myth that many people have unfortunately abided by for many centuries. Hopefully with this article, we will prove that this is not true and that you should maintain a healthy sexual relationship with your partner for as long as possible.

Sex and Pregnancy

One of the key things to remember when discussing sex and pregnancy is that every single woman is different. Some women have no desire to have sexual intercourse while they are pregnant because of all the feelings of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and other issues. However, there are a large number of women who crave sex while they are pregnant. It doesn't matter which one of these categories you fall in to, generally you will have no problems with you that create this type of reaction. Therefore, you should just be well aware that there are different desires for different people and you often must listen to your body before you make any decisions.

Listening to your body is key when you are pregnant and wondering whether sex is a good idea. You will quickly realize that your body can tell you when it is a good or bad idea. There are certain evolutionary triggers that allow you to know this at all times.

Also, be aware that your body may want to have sex when you are pregnant during only a few of the periods while you are pregnant. You may not feel like having sex for the first trimester of your pregnancy, but there will be times later on when you are feelings more up for the challenge.

Discussing Sex with your Partner

Even if it is totally safe to have sex while you are pregnant, it is still a good idea to have a discussion with him about whether or not this is something they are comfortable doing. Most men, whether they hear the truth or not, are convinced that they are hurting the baby when they have sex. Others, simply do not find the act attractive enough when there is a baby involved, but it is important that these issues be resolved.

Once they are resolved, you will be able to have a much healthier relationship with your partner and get some of the psychological issues out of the way. One of the main reasons men and women are so worried about having sex during the pregnancy is because of the other issues that one side might have with the act. It is perfectly normal to be cautious with a baby on the way, but this doesn't mean that you shouldn't have sexual intercourse.

Make sure that you are totally honest with your partner about sex during pregnancy and it will be a much better situation for everyone who is involved. You will quickly realize that this approach is much more efficient and effective than not being knowledgeable enough about what is going on.

Knowing the Facts of Sex During Pregnancy

It is important that you know the facts about having sex during your pregnancy, which is why we have outlined this article for you. In many cases, there are a number of things at work that may be preventing you from maintaining a healthy sexual relationship during your pregnancy. Some of the issues are obviously related to protecting the wellbeing of the baby, but this is unnecessary in most cases. Other times it is just a psychological issue, which can be easily fixed with communication as well.